Pocahontas County Artisan Co-op

Our Juried Artisans

The Pocahontas County Artisan Co-op has over 50 juried artisans whose talents include painting, stained glass, photography, quilting, jewelry making, basketry, woodwork, broom making, fabric arts and more.

Our Juried Artisans

JT Arbogast & Kim Dilts
Margaret Baker
Dawn Baldwin Barrett
Marilyn Barton
Cheryl Beverage
Retta Blankenship
Janie & Ron Brownfield
Eric Brumbaugh
Cheryl & Danny Cain
Terry Carr
Lyn Cetani
Marcus Cetani
Betty Connolly
Courtney Curran
Jearl W Cutright
Julia Elbon
Patricia Ewing
Brenda & Ron Ferguson
Judy Gum
Susan Hanley
Joyce Harlow
Brenda Harman
Linda Heatherman
Angie Hill
Gail Hyer
Dale Kinnison
Cree Lahti & Kevin Stitzinger
Marlinton Railroad Depot, Inc.
Debra McClain
Dave & Mary Jo Moore
Sarah Moss & Dianne Monroe
Katie Mullins
Andrea O'Brien
Peggy Owens
Pocahontas Communications Cooperative
Pocahontas County Convention and Visitors Bureau
Ron Radcliff
Sandy & Larry Simmons
David & Jan Skellion
Kenneth & Charlotte Slagle
Tammi Slovinsky
Beverly Smith
Kevin Stitzinger & Cree Lahti
Karen Wakefield
Anne Walker
Issa Dixon Walker
Suzanne Williams

Please click on the categories to learn more about the individual artists and their work.


Cheryl Beverage - Woven Baskets
Cheryl Cain - Cloth Baskets


Terry Carr

Body Care

Jane & Ron Brownfield - Brookstone Bath & Body Soaps and Lotions
Issa Dixon Walker - Healthy Lifestyle Products

Books, Movies & Music

JT Arbogast and Kim Dilts - "Angel's Perch" DVDs
Julia Elbon - Children's Books
Marlinton Railroad Depot, Inc. - History Books
Pocahontas Communications Cooperative - Appalachian music CDs/Books
Pocahontas County Convention & Visitors Bureau - Mountain Music Trail


Brenda Harman


Sandra Simmons


Cheryl Beverage - Knitwear
Courtney Curran - Purses
Gail Hyer - Ice Dyed Shirts & Scarves
Sandy Simmons - Knitwear
Anne Walker - Aprons & Table Art
Issa Dixon Walker - Yoga/Festival Skirts


Dawn Baldwin Barrett- Wildgrown Herbal Teas & Fruit Creations
Cheryl Beverage - Maple Syrup
Sandra Simmons - Honey
Anne Walker - Jellies & Flavored Nuts

Fabric Crafts

Marilyn Barton - Textiles: Sewing/Quilting, Machine Embroidery
Cheryl Cain - Baskets, Table Art, Wall hangings
Courtney Curran - Quilts & Fabric Creations
Sandra Simmons - Soft Toys
Jan Skellion - Needle-felted Sculpture
Beverly Smith - Textiles: Sewing/Quilting, Machine Embroidery
Anne Walker - Fabric Purses & Totes/Tableware


Andrea O'Brien

Folios, Greeting Cards & Journals

Margaret Baker
Retta Blankenship

Hand-tied Spinner Fishing Flies

Danny Cain


Cheryl Beverage
Marcus Cetani
Joyce Harlow
Cree Lahti & Kevin Stitzinger - Ceramic Jewelry
Katie Mullins
Peggy Owens
Karen Wakefield - Lampwork Beads and Polymer Clay
Suzanne Williams


Terry Carr


Margaret Baker - Mixed Media
Cheryl Beverage - Painted Slates
Patricia Ewing - Acrylic & Oil Painting
Debra McClain - Watercolor Painting
Mary Jo & David Moore - Painted Slates
Peggy Owens - Mixed Media Resin
Ron Radcliff - Fine Art
Tammi Slovinsky - Watercolor & Oil
Karen Wakefield - Mixed Media


Retta Blankenship
Eric Brumbaugh - Landscape Photography
Susan Hanley
Angie Hill
Dale Kinnison - Landscape, Travel & Wildlife Photography


Betty Connolly
Linda Heatherman
Jan Skellion

Stained Glass

Lyn Cetani
Judy Gum
Angie Hill
Peggy Owens


Jearl Cutwright - Home Decor, Birdhouses
Ron Ferguson - Treenware
Dianne Monroe & Sarah Moss - Refined Rustic Crafts, Treenware
David Skellion - Woodwork
Kenneth Slagle - Scroll Woodwork