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Dawn Baldwin Barrett


Miss Clyde's Goat Milk Soaps

Miss Clyde's Goat Milk soap is handcrafted with, you guessed it, raw milk from our super sweet Walnut Fork Alpine dairy goat, Clyde. Famous for her kisses, Clyde never fails to greet Dawn with happy bleats.

Wildgrown Herbal Teas & Fruit Creations

Tea Display.jpg

At the turn of the last century, before the advent of modern pharmaceuticals, an essential aspect of women’s work was maintaining a kitchen cupboard well-stocked with herbs used both as nutritional supplements and medical treatments. Dawn Baldwin Barrett keeps these old folkways alive at Brightside Acres—her northern Pocahontas County mountaintop farm—where she handcrafts her trademarked Wildgrown Herbal Teas from more than two-dozen wild and cultivated plants. Dawn’s teas are beautifully packaged in recycled aluminum tins and environmentally friendly jute and woven organza pouches.

Dawn’s gourmet fruit preparations provide cooks and connoisseurs a unique taste of nature. Her essences, jams, and purees are handcrafted from an ever-changing variety of Wildgrown fruits, including apple, autumberry, barberry, blueberry, blackberry, cherry, elderberry, grape, hawthorn, peach, pear, plum, rose, serviceberry and staghorn sumac.

Discover more at Brightside Acres.

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