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Issa Dixon - Yoga/Festival Skirts

Website: Hollow & Ridge

Gail Hyer - Ice Dyed Scarves and Shirts

Sandy Simmons - Knitwear

Sandy crochets and knits stylish shawls, scarves, hats, socks and other items for home use. Contact Sandy at lssimmons@hotmail.com

Anne Walker - Aprons/Scarves

"Handmade" has been a tradition in West Virginia since pioneers settled in the 1760s. Fabric artist Anne Walker's grandmother and great aunt were a seamstress and quilter. From a young age the value and tradition of handmade gifts was instilled in Anne by her mother. Anne creates colorful handmade fabric art to keep the family tradition alive. With a passion for making bags, Anne creates classic and whimsical tote bags, purses, travel bags, cosmetic bags, kid's crayon bags and bags with applique accents. She also produces a wide variety of aprons, scarves and fabric art for the wall and table that will bring enchanting echoes of Appalachia into your home and daily life.
Contact Anne at walker_wvu@yahoo.com