Pocahontas County Artisan Co-op

Sarah Moss and Dianne Monroe

Barefoot Woods

Primitive Folk Art

Dianne & Sarah call their business Barefoot Woods. They specialize in rustic crafts and in repurposing found items into delightfully useful new ones.


Barefoot Woods is now featuring Love Boxes, made out of rhododendron that had fallen in the woods.

"This little box contains a part of the earth, the sky and the sea and the rest is filled with love for you from me”. Each box has a rock, a feather and a seashell. They have been used to carry wedding rings and to hold an engagement ring. A grandmother has given one to every grand child and a 15 year old boy got one for his “first love”. We love people letting us know how they have used them. They are truly LOVE BOXES.❤️

Barefoot Woods now have ornaments for sale at the 4th Ave. Gallery.

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