Pocahontas County Artisan Co-op

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The Pocahontas County Artisans Co-Op and the Pocahontas County Art Guild come together in offering a space for the promotion of arts in the community. The Art Guild, made up of volunteers with an interest in the arts, holds classes and art activities every Tuesday at the Log Home. The main focus is watercolor classes, scattered throughout the year and taught by a few different instructors, but artists from the Co-Op and surrounding areas come to teach their specialties as well.

Previous activities included acrylics, pastels, scrapbooking, clay, paint, and many more.
Tuesday June 7 was a class on texture in watercolor.

On June 25, Cyla Allison gave a demonstration on painting where she also conveyed historical information from the 19th Century, explaining how women were thought to be a bit weird at one time if they wanted to be a painter.


Coming up on Tuesday the 13th will be a demonstration on how to make hojalatas such as this one: