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Body Care

Dawn Baldwin Barrett - Miss Clyde's Goat Milk Soaps

Miss Clyde's Goat Milk soap is handcrafted with, you guessed it, raw milk from our super sweet Walnut Fork Alpine dairy goat, Clyde. Famous for her kisses, Clyde never fails to greet Dawn with happy bleats.
Website: Brightside Acres

Issa Dixon - Healthy Lifestyle Products

Issa Dixon picked up her fascination for plants as a little girl. Raised on a West Virginia farm with no electricity, she'd split wood and work in the garden for fun. Her parents taught her the practical uses of herbs, knowledge fine-tuned with the help of a retired neuropsychologist and noted aromatherapist. The Hollow & Ridge approach to essential oil production is simple: source high-quality, responsibly-grown plant materials, experiment like crazy until the right combination of therapeutic effect and pleasing scent is achieved, and keep things small. Issa does all her blending and distilling at home.
Website: Hollow & Ridge

Jane & Ron Brownfield - Brookstone Bath & Body Soaps and Lotions

Most commercial soaps contain sodium lauryl sulfate detergent or potentially harmful fillers. Brookstone soaps are made the old-fashioned way, with all natural ingredients, a hand mixer, and the cold process method, ensuring small batches of a high-quality product. Brookstone Soaps and skin products will leave your skin wanting more and more!
Website: Brookstone Soaps