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Cheryl Beverage

Cheryl Cain - Cloth Baskets

Crafting is a part of Cheryl's heritage. She was a curious child that needed something to keep her busy. So, her grandmothers taught her some form of crafting at a very young age. One grandmother had a drawer in the old treadle sewing machine where Cheryl was allowed to keep her embroidery projects. The other grandmother taught her how to sew using newspaper as the pattern and materials that were on hand rather than buying something new. Her love of crafting had been put on hold somewhat due the demands of raising children (Shawn and Danielle) and working a full time job as a supervisor in the Radiology Department at Pocahontas Memorial Hospital for almost 30 years. In 2020, Cheryl and her husband, Danny, retired from their full time jobs. With their children grown and spare time on their hands, Cheryl started crafting again and soon, Danny began making spinner flies for trout fishing.

Cheryl took a class on making cloth baskets and loved the art of seeing how different shapes and different cloth could make such beautiful baskets. Last year, she decided to sell her art and became a member of the Pocahontas County Artisans Co-Op. She now sells baskets, hot pads, jar openers and fabric cards.