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Gail Hyer

Ice Dyed Scarves and Shirts

Oil Painting

I'm Gail Hyer and I live and play in beautiful Marlinton WV.

Why do any of us participate in any art form? Because it gives us a feeling of satisfaction. For me, I started off 30 years ago as a photographer but over time, I became fascinated with oil painting. I had a friend, Joe, who was a wonderful landscape artist and I guess he really got me interested in it.

To me, painting is about seeing things with your heart or soul and transferring that image into a painting. It has little to do with what your eyes see and more to do with knowing which rule to break. Kind of like life.

During the pandemic, I got into textile dying and now work with cotton fabrics producing one-of-a-kind art on t-shirts, scarves and wall hangings. For me, textile dying is the anti-oil painting: nothing is predictable and beautiful designs turn out more from accident than by planning or placement.

More than anything I want my art to bring a smile, a bit of cheer to those who see them. In a world full of inconsequential social media antics, I hope my colorful art convey to the viewer a sense of calm and quietude.

Thanks to my partner Dennis for furnishing me with unique frames, oak pallets and general encouragement.

Peace ~

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