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Melondy Phillips

Although I recently moved to Marlinton, I have family roots here dating back at least 4 generations. So moving here was a feeling of ‘coming home’.

I started hand dressing deer hides into leather (brain-tanning) over 20 years ago; this is how I got into teaching 1750’s living history. I volunteered at many events, historical areas, and schools. I love doing anything from leatherwork, beading, sewing, spinning wool, candle making, and many other 1700s skills. I also love woodworking, gardening, and being a certified Master Herbalist. This led me into a film career, with costumes and set decoration, in which I was able to learn many more skills. I love learning new things and see each day as a chance to learn something new.

I started a YouTube channel and a website, not with the initial intention of starting a business, but because so many friends and family would ask me questions. I figured recording the information in those formats would be a better helping tool than trying to explain things over the phone.

I came up with this name because of my many years raising honey bees and my 1750’s living history work.

At this time, I am focusing on my leatherwork, beadwork, and gardening. I am pleased the Artisan’s Co-op has accepted me into their family. I will be making many different leather items from small key chains, wallets, belts, and sheaths, to custom items including holsters, vests, jackets, and ‘larping’ costumes.