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Fine Art

Patricia & Ken Ewing - Acrylic & Oil Painting


Pat is a native West Virginian and lives in Beckley with her husband, Ken, who is also an artist. She is a Christian, retired registered nurse and massage therapist. Pat's paintings have been displayed in Dan & Cynthia Bickey Gallery, Randolph County Community Arts Center, 4th Avenue Gallery (Marlinton), Leatherbark-Ford Gallery (Cass), Wolf Creek Gallery & Museum (Bastion, VA), Otter & Oak (Hinton) and the Appalachian Arts & Crafts Festival. Pat's artwork is in private collections in Florida, Texas, North Carolina, California, Ohio and West Virginia. "In the various subjects I love to paint, I hope the viewer finds something to stir a memory and warm the heart."


Ken is a native West Virginia, born and educated in Fayette County. He is a graduate of WV Institute of Technology. Ken lives in Beckley with his wife, Patricia, who is also an artist. He is a Christian and a retired pharmaceutical rep. Mostly self taught, he has also had art instruction in Charleston, Beckley, and Winston-Salem, NC, as well as online classes from a master artist in England. Ken's paintings, in acrylic and oil, have been shown in the Dan & Cynthia Bickey Gallery (Beckley), Randolph County Community Arts Center, Otter & Oak (Hinton), 4th Avenue Gallery (Marlinton), Leatherbark-Ford Gallery (Cass), Wolf Creek Gallery & Museum (Bastian, VA). As a juried member of the WV Culture Center he won 2nd place and purchase award for his painting of the Fayette County Courthouse. "My joy is in capturing the visual splendor of this great country, especially our beautiful West Virginia mountains."

Debra McClain - Watercolor Painting

In 2019 I began the journey with watercolor painting, and it quickly became my passion. I love how the paint moves and blends like no other medium can. Through painting, I have a new appreciation of God, the original artist, who creates such diverse beauty everywhere we go. As I admire a scene in front of me, I often find myself lost in the view, mentally selecting the paint and technique needed to apply what I see to paper.

My work continues to evolve, and I grow as an artist every day, learning something new with each painting. When a painting of mine finds its new owner, I always hope that the person can mentally step into the painting, feel the breeze, or smell the fragrance; but most importantly, feel God’s peace.

It is best if watercolor paintings are protected against the elements, and when done so, they will last for many many years. All my paintings are protected with spray varnish, then overlayed with two thin layers of Dorland wax, and polished to a beautiful shine. Once the protection process is complete, I mat and frame some of the paintings, which can then be hung on the wall with or without the glass. For the popular frameless art, I mount other paintings to a cradleboard, which is very beautiful also.

Included here are some samples of my work, and you can visit my website at my website

Ron Radcliff

Tammi Slovinsky