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Debbie Metzger - Soy Candles

While living in South Carolina, Debbie was an insurance agent. This required her to use her aptitude for mathematics. Those same skills are, believe it or not, needed for the proper mixing of soy candle ingredients, the proper layering of all of those and many of the other steps in making her candles. She took 8 months learning the science of making these candles which included furthering her math skills in a focused direction, proper wicking, etc. She buys her materials only from the highest quality of vendors. Her candles use no chemicals of any kind. While in South Carolina she sold her candles from her booth in an indoor flea market. The Pocahontas County Artisans Co-operative recognized her skill and the quality of her products, hence they are sold at both 4th Avenue Gallery and the Leatherbark Ford in Cass, WV. She anticipates branching out into making soaps as well. Her exacting care will go into making those as well. Look for those products soon at both galleries.


Sandra Simmons

A long-time bee keeper, producing honey with the help of husband Larry, Sandy was fascinated by a demonstration on candle making at a meeting of a local bee keeping group. She was so captivated by the beauty, aroma, and healthful qualities of natural beeswax candles she soon began making her own, utilizing wax from her own hives and those of other local beekeepers. Sandy also makes stylish crocheted and knitted shawls, scarves, hats, socks and other items for home use. Contact Sandy at lssimmons@hotmail.com