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Susan Hanley


Graduated from Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA where I studied etching and lithography in their Graphic Arts Department.

Received a scholarship and studied at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.

Painted in Mexico City and created a fresco wall painting under the auspices of the La Esmeralda Art School.

Marine Technical Illustrator for submarine and navy ship blueprints in Portsmouth, NH and NYC, NY.

Department of the Army Civilian and Director of their Arts and Crafts Shops in South Korea.

Children's photography where I developed and printed photos in my darkroom in New Jersey.

Freelance photographer in NYC, NY represented by Photo Researches Agency and Freelance photographer for Silver Burdette and photo editor for McGraw Hill publishers.

Illustrated a children's book, If You Had A Pony, with photos for Harper & Row book publishers.

Photography Magazine selected two of my photos for their Photography Annual - NYC, NY.

Full time photographer, filmstrips, for Guidance Associates in Pleasantville, NY.

I burned out on photography and my husband and I bought a farm in Hillsboro, Pocahontas County, and we have farmed it for many years breeding Morgan Horses, cattle and sheep.

With the help of my photography, videography and my website, lambertmorgans.com, we have sold our horses as far away as New Zealand, Switzerland, Canada and throughout the USA.

With my "point and shoot" camera in my pocket, I photograph as I see things, seasons, weather action, happenings, during my working days on our farms. My desire is to give my work a "spark of life" with our animals living their natural lives in the magnificent environment of Pocahontas County. i strive to animate an otherwise "still" scenery photo and to give a scale to nature with the curved forms of animals. I photograph with the intent to give a sense of mystery or curiosity to the viewer, but which I rarely achieved. I strive for timelessness and when I see it, a sense of motion in a still photograph.

Rolf Brunner


Retta Blankenship