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Cyla Allison


Cyla Allison is a watercolor painter who works from her farm not far from the Greenbrier River near Hillsboro, WV. The mosaic of nature and man is always a part of Cyla's work whether she finds design in a small town back alley or humor in the juxtaposition of man's need for shelter next to his desire for beauty.

"I try to paint or do something related to my painting every day. I want viewers to participate in my painting, to pause in mild surprise, to be taken aback just a little, to see the environment with some fresh perspective. I'd like them to see something they never noticed before although they may have passed that same spot hundreds of times."

Cyla has studied with Jeanne Brenneman, Tony van Hasselt, Joe Miller, Sue Tregay, Sterling Edwards and others she has met along the way of her often independent study. She is a member of The Greenbrier Artists, taking part in Greenbrier Artist shows at Carnegie Hall in Lewisburg since 2005 as well as showing her art with her husband Eric Stahl, a potter, at many other venues including Greenbrier and Hillsboro Public Libraries.

For more details and photos, please visit Cyla at her website at Wannabe Farm.

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