Pocahontas County Artisan Co-op

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Cheryl Beverage

Cheryl began crafting at a very young age. She credits her mother for encouraging her to try different mediums and to never stop learning. In addition to making baskets as beautiful as they are functional, Cheryl makes felted handbags with needlework details, colorful and whimsical knit hats, scarves and booties, and beaded jewelry. Contact Cheryl at cambeverage@gmail.com

Louise Burner

Louise sees new visions of color, shape and texture in her surroundings, which she infuses in each small piece of beauty she creates. She only makes jewelry and textile artwork that she would own, use, or wear herself. Louise works with natural stone, metal, glass, shell and clay. Simple but elegant wirework is her signature.
Website: Burner Hill Designs

Katie Mullins

A self-taught jewelry maker, Katie is continually inspired by nature and the world's human cultures. Incorporating semi-precious stones and feathers, each piece is delightfully unique and will never be duplicated. Contact Katie at myrockables@gmail.com

Cindy Sandeno

Cindy creates one-of-a-kind jewelry fashioned from an eclectic mix of semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, and a menagerie of glass and seed beads. She is on a journey to create vibrant and organic pieces that celebrate the beautiful West Virginia forests where she spends much of her time. Hers is a journey she wants to share with others, especially the bold at heart. Contact Cindy at cmsandeno@yahoo.com

Kaitlen Whitt

A self-taught artist, Kaitlen's goal is to preserve Appalachian heritage by incorporating antique household items, such as sterling silver tableware, into her uniquely whimsical and evocative jewelry. The items she uses meant a great deal to someone in the past. Reborn as jewelry, she hopes their meaning will be transferred and deepened far into the future.
Website: Owl Feather Designs

Rolf Brunner - Fretwork Jewelry

At the age of 10, Rolf was introduced to Scherenscnitte (fine paper cutting) in his home town of Zurich, Switzerland. He now lives in Highland County, Virginia. Throughout his life, Rolf has pursued many artistic interests including Fretwork, which is the equivalent of Scherenschnitte using a scrollsaw and wood. He has won numerous awards for his paper-cutting and fretwork. Contact Rolf at rbrunner2108@gmail.com

Lyn Cetani - Fused Glass Jewelry

Lyn uses her skill as a stained glass artist to craft truly inspiring fused glass pendants. Her use of shape and color is utterly unique. Contact Lyn at lyncee9@aol.com

Cree Lahti - Ceramic Jewelry


Cree makes jewelry that captures the delicate beauty of West Virginia nature using earthenware clay. Inspiration abounds in the mountain environments of Pocahontas County, where she finds organic objects such as leaves, flowers, and grasses that she presses into clay, creating an imprint of precise detail. Each piece is fired, hand-painted, and fired again. Her work is characterized by an emphasis on small, delicate elements and patterns in nature otherwise easily missed by the casual observer.
Website: Cree Lahti Ceramics