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Issa Dixon - Yoga/Festival Skirts

Website: Hollow & Ridge

Cheryl Beverage - Knitwear

Cheryl began crafting at a very young age. She credits her mother for encouraging her to try different mediums and to never stop learning. In addition to making baskets as beautiful as they are functional, Cheryl makes felted handbags with needlework details, colorful and whimsical knit hats, scarves and booties, and beaded jewelry. Contact Cheryl at cambeverage@gmail.com

Kathleen Henry - Silk scarves


Kathleen moved with her husband to West Virginia more than 25 years ago. She loves the mountains and people and finds artistic inspiration in both. Silk painting is her newest endeavor. She hand paints silk scarves using brushes and non-toxic silk dyes. Many of her designs come from nature (flowers, mountains, birds, stars). She also creates scarves with words, sayings, and prayers; and she welcomes special orders. Inspired by her children and grandchildren, Kathleen also creates dolls and puzzles for kids.
Contact Kathleen at mysticalmountainssilk@gmail.com

Sandy Simmons - Knitwear

Sandy crochets and knits stylish shawls, scarves, hats, socks and other items for home use. Contact Sandy at lssimmons@hotmail.com

Anne Walker - Aprons/Scarves

"Handmade" has been a tradition in West Virginia since pioneers settled in the 1760s. Fabric artist Anne Walker's grandmother and great aunt were a seamstress and quilter. From a young age the value and tradition of handmade gifts was instilled in Anne by her mother. Anne creates colorful handmade fabric art to keep the family tradition alive. With a passion for making bags, Anne creates classic and whimsical tote bags, purses, travel bags, cosmetic bags, kid's crayon bags and bags with applique accents. She also produces a wide variety of aprons, scarves and fabric art for the wall and table that will bring enchanting echoes of Appalachia into your home and daily life.
Contact Anne at walker_wvu@yahoo.com